Cooking Ingredients

You can rely on our cooking ingredients range, composed of the highest quality essentials to help create the classic meals you most enjoy.

Whole Chicken

Whole chicken range 800g-1300g

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Minced Meat

Different dishes call for different kinds of mince, to bring out their various flavors, to perfection. Whatever you’re preparing, you can’t go wrong with our quality selection.

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All of the goodness with none of the effort, to chop and prepare it. We carefully select the best fruit and vegetable, from around the globe, and make sure that they are processed quickly with all the freshness frozen in. At last, the whole family will learn to love their vegetables.

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Americana brings you homemade style French fries, half fried, frozen and ready to prepare in minutes. Crispy, tasty and fun, just the way kids like it

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