Quality & Food Safety

Because quality lies at the heart of our mission, it is a concept that we keep under the microscope in everything we do. In our industry, there are very exact and very well defined parameters for judging and measuring quality and food safety standards.

Using the Finest Sources & Raw Materials
We believe that only by using the finest raw materials will we be able to offer our consumers the finest end products. This is why we are absolutely strict on the safety of our sources and their full compliance with the group’s stringent health and hygiene standards. Our experts continuously control and check the quality of our raw materials to ensure suppliers’ compliance with Americana standards and Islamic sharia rules.

Total Quality Management
Maintaining our position as the Gulf Region market leader for frozen foods is something that requires all our departments to function in accordance with high quality standards all the time. Quality is therefore the fundamental principle and backbone of our business. This means that we hire the most efficient and well-trained quality control experts in the Middle East Region.

These experts monitor quality at all production stages. From raw materials to finished products, every production stage is monitored to ensure full compliance with top quality standards and specifications. This, of course, adds up to Total Quality Management from the beginning of the process right down to the end of it.

Research & development
Americana’s leading position is a natural result of continuous development based on consumer research. Learning what consumers want and then developing innovative products that meet their needs has led to many of our products being imitated by competitors. Still, these products remain attached in consumer minds to the Americana brand, the first to introduce them to the Arab market. Such products include household favorites like burgers, chicken nuggets and popcorn. Our heritage of quality is therefore augmented with a reputation for innovation which continues to delight consumers and exceed their expectations with plate after plate of new delicious recipes and products.

State-of-the-art Technology
Americana’s state of the art plants in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, are the biggest and most advanced in the Middle East Region. They have been equipped with the most up-to-date automated production lines in the world where all production and processing stages are fully automatic and hands-free to ensure maximum cleanliness, safety and hygiene.

Highly trained and qualified production engineers and technicians supervise all processing stages and continuously monitor the specifications to ensure that every production stage complies with Americana quality standards and so that every piece in every pack always offers the same consistent taste and quality to our customers.

Integrated Marketing Plans
Once the product has been developed, we communicate the benefits to the customer effectively by means of integrated communications that speak to the customer through different and appropriate media platforms. As with the rest of our businesses, Americana leads the field with regards to marketing activities. Extensive marketing research is conducted to create a comprehensive picture of consumer opinions and desires. Research findings are then translated into strategic programs and plans.

Environmental Practices and Procedures
To us, environmental issues are among our top priorities. As a key player in the food industry, it is the environment that provides us with the raw materials needed to run our business.

With this in mind, we are committed to reduce the negative environmental impact of our industrial operations from energy management to judicious use of vital resources such as water, to environmentally friendly waste management practices, we employ standards that are the most advanced in the industry.