Core Values

Discover Americana.

Americana is a company that is dedicated to giving you safe, delicious, nutritious, and ethically sourced food. We strive to bring it to your kitchen with optimal freshness for serving any meal of the day. You want to easily prepare tasty, healthy meals for your family, and we work hard to give you the ingredients you need to do just that.

Since it was founded in 1972, The National Food Company – Americana Foods has been a premiere food brand for families across the GCC. Thanks to the enthusiasm of consumers and our affiliation with a variety of business partners in the region, Americana is a leading Arab company in the GCC.

Know How (K)

We take the guesswork out of determining what’s in your food. At a time when many family members have diverse needs, we know it’s important to be very forthcoming with the contents of our products. Whether you have one family member who has dietary restrictions thanks to allergies or personal tastes, you can rely on our labels to keep your family safe and healthy when it comes to dietary planning. Every Americana product is labelled in accordance with standardized methods, and you can access a complete list of ingredients and the nutritional value of the food on everything we package.

Quality Control (Q)

Americana offers a comprehensive collection of over 200 original, top-quality food products that will be ready-to-serve with minimal preparation. We make all these products from 100% Halal sources. Among the food produced by Americana Food are burgers, nuggets, popcorn-style products, and minces. Americana products are made in four different factories in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Ingredients (I)

From the beginning, Americana set itself apart from all competitors through its high standards in all aspects of food production. We lead the way in applying the highest standards of quality and hygiene, all in strict accordance with the Islamic Shariah. Beyond that, we strive to meet the different tastes of Arab families.

Research and Development (R)

It didn’t take long for Americana to become the biggest manufacturer of frozen meals and ready-to-serve products in the GCC. In addition to bringing its food products directly to moms to cook at home, Americana serves the most beloved and successful fast food restaurants across the GCC.

Relationships (R)

With its large sales fleet, Americana owns a very powerful distribution network all over KSA and throughout other Arab countries. It is especially popular in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Additionally, Americana delivers fresh, healthy, tasty and legally (100%) Halal approved foods to other countries such as United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Yemen, Qatar, Oman, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Libya, Côte d’Ivoire, Iraq, and Pakistan.

Supply Chain (S)

We’ve come a long way in our first few decades of operation! Americana now employs over 2,000 people. In fact, the Americana Foods Company has become one of the largest consumer frozen food companies in the MENA region.