Great Benefits of Frozen Food

Great Benefits of Frozen Food

There are myriad reasons why people choose to eat frozen foods. Here are some benefits of frozen products which will help you make the right choice for your family.

  1. Less Wastage

Frozen food helps reduce food waste as you use only what you need – which means it’s good in terms of cost, as well as the environment. Frozen products have an extended shelf life and are easier to divide into portions. In fact, research published in the British Food Journal shows that frozen food generates 47 percent less food waste at home than non-frozen food, so families can save money while still eating healthy meals.

  1. So much Convenience

Fresh, fast and delicious – Frozen products tick the necessary boxes for all your meals. An added advantage of frozen foods is that you can always buy these in bulk and keep it in the freezer until you need it. They are often cheaper than similar fresh foods and just as good. There is nothing worse than coming home to an empty fridge and no food. A freezer full of food puts an end to that problem.

  1. Free from Preservatives

Frozen vegetables get picked, washed and blanched within the hour before freezing. Therefore they do not require any added preservatives because microorganisms do not grow when the temperature of the food is below −9.5 °C Freezing also preserves all the nutrients of the food, making it a healthier choice in the long-run.

  1. No Seasonal Restrictions

Seasonal fruits, vegetables and even meat and fish are now available to you all year round as freezing allows you to choose from a vast selection of seasonal ingredients. You even get that ‘just picked’ taste experience in season or out of season. These foods can be quickly steamed, stir fried, or micro-waved to be ready in minutes at any time of the year, satisfying any cravings you have.

  1. Great Nutrition

Freezing foods especially vegetables locks in vitamins at the point of harvest. This means that sensitive vitamins and nutrients are not lost during transportation and frozen vegetables are nutritionally more reliable than fresh foods. In the case of fish, frozen fish is often fresher than fresh fish. Fresh fish can take a week to reach stores in which case it needs added preservatives and does not always retain its original goodness.

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